Congratulations to NASA's Perseverance Rover, Linux Is Now On Mars

The Linux operating system was introduced to the Red Planet when NASA’s Perseverance rover landed on Mars this week.

The tidbit was discussed in an IEEE Spectrum interview with a NASA software engineer. Only a few years ago, through the Perseverance rover, the helicopter-like drone used an open-source space industry, a Linux-run technology. For the first time, we’ll be bringing Linux to Mars. Presently, we’re running a Linux OS; it could also be the first time a Linux-based system has been carried to Mars by NASA. No prior use of Linux on previous rovers really exists.

Past Mars rovers, mainly from the Wind River Systems software company, have used proprietary OSes. The same would be relevant for the Perseverance rover itself; the machine was designed with Wind River VxWorks, used on previous Mars missions.

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The helicopter’s powerful compact processor had to be chosen, and the Snapdragon 801 board we found was the best candidate. But for the team, they didn’t have VxWorks. “For Linux, it is actually a win.”

In order to see how the drone operates, we’ll have to wait to see how. Creativity is a proof-of-concept in the Red Planet environment for test-flying an aircraft with a different gravity and thinner atmosphere than the Earth. Then the insights gained will be used to develop meaningful drones for future missions of the earth.

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