Google map is used to just showing our location, in which we show that where we are situated in this world. Embed Google Map is a plugin. That is used for embedding one or more Google Maps to Word Press posts, pages, text widgets and templates. To add a map is very simple, just add the address or the coordinates which locale you want to show on a map inner Google map tags to a post or a page or a text object or a template.

The plugin platform Google Maps, Google Maps Classic and Google Maps impact API. The version to be used can be fixed by using the Version setting. Google Maps and Google Maps Classic do not have need an API key, but for Google Maps Embed API an API key is required alternately.

It is possible to define the version of Google Maps, the type of the map (normal, satellite, hybrid), the language of the Google Maps interface, form labels, zoom level, border layout, the size of the map, and link to the full size map. Both HTTP and HTTPS protocols are promoted. The default settings defined in the admin panel are used for all the maps in the site, and they can be dictate for particular maps.


  • Support for [google_map] shortcode.
  • Define Google Maps version to be used.
  • Define the language of the Google Maps network.
  • To define the zoom level.
  • To define the custom/form labels.
  • We can show/hide the info label.
  • Define the width of border, style of border and color of border.
  • Add link to the full size map.
  • Define the link label.
  • Define the normal, satellite, hybrid, terrain type of the map.
  • Define the map size.
  • Support for HTTP and HTTPS.
  • It is possible to impact one or more Google Maps within a post, page, text widget or template.
  • The address or the coordinates which location is shown on a map is given as a framework.