TallyPrime Latest Version

TallyPrime is the new Tally upgrade that is a comprehensive solution for both small and medium-scale enterprises.  From managing accounting, taxation, banking, payroll, and inventory, this software provides many features to help businesses get rid of complexities. This way, businesses can solely focus on their business growth rather than worrying about inventory or accounting-related tasks. 

Earlier, Tally was considered accountant-friendly software. However, when it comes to business owners, the use of tally seems daunting because of a plethora of sections with various purposes. As a result, many entrepreneurs avoid using this accounting software. 

Along with accounting software, Tally is also business management software. It provides a holistic solution for business requirements. In order to get business owners to start using software, Tally Solutions tried to simplify it further. Now, we have TallyPrime software, which is more accessible to business owners as well as accountants. Mentioned below are the upgrades in new software. So, let’s get started.

 ‘Go To’ Switch

Gone are the times when an accountant or business owner had to move across various screens in tally by manually typing desired names. Earlier, if you wanted to check the P&L report, you ought to manually go to Gateway to tally->Reports->Profit and Loss.

Due to a lack of tally training, many business owners find it difficult to access this software. Thanks to TallyPrime, it has become easier than ever to check the Profit and Loss report by typing the same in the ‘Go To’ switch.  By using this feature, you can navigate through 90% of the software.  

Unique, Detailed, And Exceptional Reports

Effective decision-making is a crucial skill that every business owner should be fully armed with.  Many times, business owners make decisions considering past performance. For improved decision-making, tally gives access to insightful reports. 

If you want to get detailed information about something, you can choose among 300+ reports in Tally. Just like you know the method of navigating through various screens without knowing the stepwise process, you now know that you can search for your desired report with the help of this feature.

Fewer on Screen Clutter

Due to various panels, the working screen of the previous versions of Tally was smaller. However, with this new version, the working screen is bigger by shifting the bottom panel containing information related to TSS, messages, Tally license, and many more to the ‘HELP’ menu separately. 

Due to the larger screen, business owners or accountants no longer feel stress in their eyes. Hence, they focus better on their work. The absence of the bottom panel has also made it easier than ever to view detailed reports. 

Jump Screens As Per Your Tasks

While using previous Tally versions, people had to work in a single direction because multi-tasking was not allowed or supported. As a result, accountants or business owners had no choice than opening another Tally. 

Now, this Tally shortcoming has been resolved and working has become easier. When running a business, entrepreneurs compare various reports. Tally software understood this situation and came up with the new navigation mechanism in the TallyPrime. So, now users can switch between various screens in Tally, which has made multitasking quite easy.     

 ‘Change View’ Option In TallyPrime

With this feature, you can access your reports in different formats. This helps you view your data from a 360-degree view. TallyPrime has gained immense goodwill around the world because of its business-owner-friendly nature. 


For both entrepreneurs as well as accountants, the usage of TallyPrime is now simplified to a great extent. Tally training in Chandigarh aims at helping business owners and accountants to understand the nitty-gritty of TallyPrime so that they can work smoothly and more efficiently.