The CCNA routing and switching training in Chandigarh

What Is CCNA?

The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) is the entry-level certification in networking. In the past, CCNA was known as Routing and Switching. And it covers the fundamentals of Cisco Networking and Routing switching technologies, as well as IP addressing schemes, basic routing concepts, switching, wide-area networking (WAN) technologies, fundamentals of network security, and fundamentals of network automation and programming.

To create minor to medium-sized networks, the ccna course training in Chandigarh is a must. Students need to understand how their data travels across the internet to social networking sites like Google or Facebook before returning to their web browser.

What roles are available for CCNA Professionals?

According to recent surveys and research, network professionals that are CCNA certified earn an average of 17% more than other network professionals. Individuals that have standardized certificates as an advantage over their peers are in high demand at this time. Experts in networking with a solid understanding of protocols get high marks.

Why Take a CCNA routing and switching Course?

Employers and workers in the IT business both benefit from ccna certification training in Chandigarh. The CCNA certification has boosted the careers and salaries of many students.

  • Graduates of the CCNA program are eligible for higher-paying jobs than their non-certified counterparts.
  • When an IT expert has a CCNA certification, they have a better chance of receiving a promotion at work.
  • The CCNA best networking course knowledge can be used in CCNA Security and CCNA Wireless areas.
  • More than ninety percent of businesses worldwide consider that personnel with CCNA certifications are more educated and more valuable to their organizations.
  • All Cisco firms and partners highly value and seek out CCNA certification holders.
  • Even a top-notch network engineer with a graduation average of 90% is expected to demonstrate his IT expertise by earning the CCNA credential.

CCNA Certification Cost

Indian colleges charge between INR 25,000 and INR 30,000 to take the CCNA exam. It depends on the school you’re applying to.

The CCNA Program’s Scope

In India, ccna certification training in Chandigarh provides a wide range of work options. This Training helps in various industries. The maintenance of networking infrastructure is a necessity for any industry. Public and private sector employment opportunities with CCNA credentials are readily available, and they come with attractive compensation packages.

  • This certification applies to a broad range of specialists, such as software developers and network administrators.
  • As a direct result of recent technological breakthroughs. The pool of available CCNA jobs for fresh college grads has grown significantly.
  • Graduates of the CCNA certification course can expect a solid wage package based on their education and expertise.
  • Career options for CCNAs will include Technical Support Engineers, System Engineering freshers, IT managers, and Senior Network Engineers and Network Security Specialists.
  • To land a job in the networking business, students will gain industry-recognized skills and credentials.
  • The future scope of the CCNA will boost by networking automation. So, programming will account for around 70% of the attention in any IT organization.