Top 7 In-Demand Tech Skills to Master in 2021

Companies find that they have more IT opportunities than specialists who are likely to join them with the skills needed. But demand for high-paying jobs is high, considering the number of job openings. Some of the most sought after tech skills are necessary to grab top-paying tech positions in 2021.

Top 7 Tech Skills in Demand that you can be Working Towards Today

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI belongs to applications that can perform various tasks, such as identification of images and expression. Besides, AI apps are capable of classification of images, and facial recognition. Moreover, AI skills are becoming highly sought-after because AI can perform these tasks faster than human beings.

Machine learning (ML) is an AI programme that collects knowledge to efficiently produce insights and perform rule-based tasks. ML applications are implemented for data analytics, data mining, and pattern recognition.

Skills: By acquiring abilities in neural networks, natural language processing (NLP), robotics, and deep learning, ML pros can specialize.

Skills like TensorFlow, Python, Java, R, and NLP are in greatest demand, and under ML, in-demand skills are actually learning to create chatbots.

2. Cybersecurity

Organizations have declared cybersecurity a top business priority in the context of the pandemic recovery. Cybersecurity threats face almost every digital enterprise, making cybersecurity one of the top trends in technology.

Job functions vary from ethical hackers to security engineers to Chief Security Officers for cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, those who wish to progress their careers by training in safety will find that certification is an efficient way to confirm specific abilities and demonstrate that they are qualified and professionally educated by a current or prospective employer.

Skills: The best skills to learn to secure a job as a cybersecurity specialist are information protection, network security, and vulnerability assessment. The knowledge of programming language fundamentals, network fundamentals, device management, how to fix vulnerabilities, how to conduct digital forensic research, and risk evaluation are some other abilities.

3. Cloud Computing

True to say, the pandemic taught the leaders how to make their companies work in the cloud. The cloud revolution will open up jobs opportunities for cloud computing engineers who can develop, prepare, maintain, operate, and encourage cloud computing. Since cloud computing is high in demand, various professionals join reputed institutes for cloud computing training in Chandigarh. It will increase your chances of getting job in a multi national company.

Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, GCP, Java, Linux, software development, DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, and Infrastructure as Services are the most needed cloud computing skills.

4. Data Analytics and Data Science

Data science continues to run the show in the pandemic era. Data-driven skills are highly regarded with more and more businesses relying on data to help decision-making. As a result, the demand for data analysts, BI analysts, data architects, database managers, business analysts, chief data officers, and similar roles is increasingly growing.

Skills: The fundamentals of data processing and knowledge of how data is gathered, stored, organized, evaluated, and interpreted are needed for these roles, and how to actually apply these skills to various fields, including finance, sales, marketing, organizational management and management of human resources.
Data science, using a combination of different methods, algorithms, and concepts of machine learning, obtains insights and knowledge from data. In main areas such as banking, finance, and healthcare, data scientists are needed desperately.

5. Software Development (web, mobile)

Developers are responsible for formulating, installing, evaluating, and maintaining suitable site, mobile and software systems. The rising demand for computer software and mobile phone apps is the reason for this development.

Skills: Those searching to specialize in mobile development should learn mobile developer skills for Android and iOS.Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager skills should be mastered by those looking to specialise in site development along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills.

6. Internet of Things and Edge Computing

Cloud storage deficiencies in terms of latency have become evident as the volume of data continues to grow. By processing information closer to where it needs to occur, edge computing bypasses the delay generated by cloud computing. For this purpose, developers can use edge computing in remote areas with minimal to no access to a centralized place to process time-sensitive data.

This will provide different jobs, mostly for software engineers, as in any growing industry, with an understanding of the technologies, and conditions required for the effective integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) in a business sense.

Skills:IoT experts develop IoT solutions and networks, define necessary components, understand how data protection fits in, and evaluate security hazards. IoT security, cloud computing expertise, data analytics, automation, understanding of embedded systems, and application knowledge are skills are necessary for IoT professionals.

7. Programming

A solid foundation will open up a wide range of career opportunities in in-demand programming language skills. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager skills, along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tech skills gives advantage to those looking for specialization in site growth. For SEO training in Chandigarh, make sure to join an institute with huge goodwill and certified trainers.

Besides, Django and spring are beneficial for back-end application skills.

Skills & Certification: There are many tools, including documentation, blogs, and online coding platforms, such as HackerRank, Topcoder, and CodeChef, to improve coding skills.

8. Digital Marketing 

It relates to ads delivered using digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications at a greater extent. Digital marketing, using these online media platforms, is the process by which businesses support products, services, and brands.

Skills: Digital marketers should be have knowledge about how data shapes and drives consumer engagement across platforms and networks. Many technologies, such as Google Analytics, Google Advertising, Facebook Ads Managers, and various ad exchanges, would need to be mastered.

Start now to prepare for your future career in IT

As per World Economic Forum, education is the number one way to prepare for the next two decades of work. The way to differentiate yourself from other tech professionals is to constantly pursue new skill sets. It will help you improve your knowledge and skills.

The demand for AWS is skyrocketing around the world. If you are a tech-savvy person and interested in the field of cloud computing, it is the time to get AWS training in Chandigarh. So, what are you waiting for? Start now to prepare to learn or upgrade to the in-demand tech skills that fit your career objectives. This will help you be in your next high paying job by this time next year.