Learning  the Things to be keep in Mind while doing web designing with web designing course in Chandigarh 

What are the things to be taken while designing a website? In the entire process of website designing, it is done keeping in mind various types of facts, some of which are as follows: Learning the facts with web designing course in Chandigarh.

Web designing course in Chandigarh

Target audience

The first and most important thing is that Target audience means visitors coming to your website, when you know about the audience of your website, your work becomes easy.

This gives you a sense of what kind of audience your kind of content they like, now according to this you will be able to design your site further.

For example, if you are making an automobile’s website then obviously there will be people in the audience group who like cars etc., it shows you their interest, it shows that they are from your site What kind of information you want, now you will put only those things in your site that work for a car who likes it.

Information architecture

You have come to know that what information you have to publish in your site, but what format should you give to your audience, that it should be more interesting to look and read, it is also important to take care of this.


The structure or structure of the website is called its layout, while designing the layout, keeping the structure height such as headers, sidebar, content, footer etc in height and width, position etc. It is possible that we can present the information of our site correctly to the user.

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It is very important to have a effective navigation in any site. Navigation only lets the visitor know where and the type of information it needs.

A good navigation should be simple, simple and understandable.Navigation can be made in many ways, such as by adding a link to the header, sidebar, or footer, or by separately creating a menu, showing links of pages in different categories, so that the user can easily find the things he likes .

The design of the navigation should be the same in all the pages of the site.

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You must have heard that a picture speaks thousands of words in itself; your website without pictures can look dull and boring, and the visitor will go somewhere else in 5 seconds and close your site.Use of images will make your site look good, apart from the addition of graphics, your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will also improve.

While using graphics, we need to take care of many things like:

  1.    Image format
  2.    Resolution
  3.    Size
  4.    Height-Width
  5.    Color combination

It should be attractive to see the images of your website, besides it should be related to content and load quickly.


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Whenever we design our website, we have to take care of the color combination too, you may have noticed that in most of the websites, maximum 3 or 4 colors are used so that the site becomes more professional.

The colors of the images, fonts, backgrounds, etc. used are chosen according to the color combination already determined and the same combination is used in all the pages.


Obviously, if the fonts are not clear and readable, then our website is not of any use, apart from the fonts we see in our system in MS-Word etc., we do not necessarily have to use them all in our website. .


When choosing Font, we have 2 options: These 2 options are important. Let us learn it with web designing course in Chandigarh sector 34.

We use the same common fonts that are already installed in the user’s system or Uses web fonts in which we have to include fonts in our own site

Apart from all this, whether we are doing font size, color, bold or light, match the content of the content or not, all these things are also kept in mind.

What is the need to learn to do Website Design?

Nowadays, making the website is very easy, there are many such tools on the internet with the help of which you can easily create your own website without any programming.But if you want to be a professional web designer, you want to design any kind of website that you design it and not just design but you can understand all the functionality inside it, for that you have a few programming skills inside you. It’s important to have it.

Do not panic, learning web design is very easy and fun.

Well, there are many technologies in website designing but first of all you start learning from some of the following things:

  1.    HTML
  2.    CSS
  3.    Basic Javascript (Optional)
  4.    jQuery


That is, HyperText Markup Language, this is the most important and the first thing to create a website.This creates the layout of the website ie i.e. layout.Believing it is very easy to learn, and by learning this you can prepare a simple web page in few minutes. You just have basic HTML in 20 minutes.

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