Will there be RHEL 9

CentOS Stream 9 is already available, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 (RHEL 9) isn’t far behind. It’s time to start thinking about Rocky Linux 9.

With the release of CentOS Stream 9 and the RHEL 9 beta. So, we’re going to take a look at a few features. That is likely to mix in the final version of RHEL 9 and CentOS alternatives like the Rocky Linux 9. So, choosing the Best Linux training institute in Chandigarh is essential there.

Rocky Linux 9 has a lot of potential features

Because of our knowledge of RHEL and CentOS 9, so we can make reasonable guesses about what features Rocky Linux 9 will offer.

It has been possible to download CentOS Stream 9 from December 2021. However, CentOS Stream 9 composes have been available since the official release date of April 2021. So, Engineers were able to make some educated guesses about the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 operating system. Well before the beta was released in December 2021.

A large chunk of what you see in CentOS Stream is the same as what you will get in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9. Since the dot releases for RHEL 9 are mirrored from CentOS. Another essential point to bear in mind is this. At the Linux training institute in Chandigarh, you can expect the best there.

What new features can we look forward to in Rocky Linux 9 in light of CentOS Stream 9 and RHEL 9 Beta?

OpenSSL 3.0 Compatibility

An entirely new FIPS module is included with this year’s version of OpenSSL 3.0. Which includes changes to the cryptographic library and methods it employs. So, OpenSSL 3.0 support was added to both CentOS Stream 9 and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta operating systems. So, choosing the Top Linux training institute in Chandigarh would help you get all the essential information on it.

Support for PHP 8.0

PHP 8.0, which was released in November of 2021. So, PHP 8.0 has several improvements and changes to the language. Named arguments, union types, attributes, and several language improvements were all incorporated into these changes and enhancements. Even though it wasn’t mentioned in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta release notes, the CentOS Stream 9 release included it.

This release supports Python 3.9

The “Python 3.9 version will be the default version throughout the life of RHEL 9,” according to the release notes for RHEL 9 Beta. RHEL 8 is supported by Python 3.6, which is the latest stable release.

Compatibility with GCC 11.2

The beta release of RHEL 9 includes GCC 11, LLVM, Rust, and Go, all of which are the latest versions. This Beta release information is available here.

Additional Exceptional Features and Enhancements are here.

So, in addition to the GNOME 40 desktop environment and the Linux 5.14 kernel. The CentOS Stream 9 now supports the Curl 7.76.1 software package. To know more about it, you should know about the Linux course in Chandigarh.

RHEL 9 Expected Enhancements

In the final release of RHEL 9. Most of the features are now available in the Beta. Those features are likely to be mixed up in this Beta’s announcements featured. A few more features are not written above, look up below:

  • Improved measurements on the Web Console Performance.
  • The online console provides access to real-time kernel patching.
  • Bettering one’s standing in society
  • SSH and sudo operations will be controlled with a Web Console via a Smart Card.

It is a virtual private network service

Possibly some of these features are RHEL-only or need a Red Hat subscription to access. This means that future RHEL-rebuild distributions may not be able to utilize them, and the CentOS Stream 9 releases may not be able to use them either.