becoming a Red Hat Training Partner

Red Hat is a well-known organization for providing various technical certifications for IT professionals. Some of the certificates provided by them are RHEL, RHSCA, and RHCE. So,  if you want to become a technical professional in the IT sector, getting these certifications is essential. The Red Hat training partners provide specialized training for the different courses. They are certified to teach various aspirants. Many people have the question of how to become an authorized red hat training partner. The procedure is straightforward. CBitss is one of the best training institutes to guide you to become a certified red hat partner.

Red Hat provides you the basic knowledge about the technical skills required. The partnership with Red Hat comes in three levels- beginner, advanced, and premiere. So, with the increasing level of collaboration, you can avail more benefits from red Hat. Therefore, being a red hat partner would be very profitable. In today’s world, the IT section has captured all the sectors. As a result, more youngsters are interested in taking the red Hat IT certification to get better jobs. So, as a training partner, you can teach the interested students and certify them also.

Benefits of becoming a Red Hat Training Partner

There are tons of benefits that you can avail yourself of after getting the authorized training partnership. The advantages are as follow: – 

Give Red Hat training and Certifications

One of the significant advantages of the partnership is that you can provide the students with training. In addition, you can give them certifications for various technical courses offered by red Hat. CBitss also has professional teachers who provide several Red hat certifications. Also, you can join the partnership program. Under their comprehensive portfolio, the students can learn to deal with Linux, cloud, and many more advanced technologies.

Good returns

If you are a certified partner, then more students will join you to get their certification. It will kick-start the rate of returns to your initial investment.

More access 

It is another great advantage of becoming the partner of red Hat. You can get open-source applications. Also, you can get access to their newer versions of technologies and that too for free. As you have better and wider access to their features, you can provide efficient training to the students. It will result in good results for the students. This will benefit both the students and the partners. 

Marketing support 

Every start-up or business requires proper marketing. If you are a training partner with a red hat, you can get promotional logos, badges or kits, etc., for your advertisement. Also, you can avail yourself of them for free.

How to join the partnership?

We have seen several benefits of being an authorized partner with red Hat. Now the real question arises that how to become an authorized red hat training partner.

It may seem not very easy, but it is a comparatively straightforward procedure. The first step is to make a Red hat account. You must make sure that the account is connected to your institution. After that, you will be directed to the application page, where you can complete the partnership form. 

Red Hat makes sure that you have skilled professionals to train the students. They also provide no-cost instructors once you become the partner. If you fulfill all their requirements, you can become an authorized partner by signing an MoU and giving the investment price.


Red Hat is a renowned and leading organization that provides certifications to IT professionals. The world is getting progressively digitalized. So, in such a scenario, the demand for IT professionals has increased at a rapid pace. As a result, it creates more job opportunities. Therefore, more people are showing interest in such certifications.

You will get a lot of benefits by becoming the certified training partner of Red Hat. You can avail a lot of benefits such as free access to their technologies.