CCNA training in Chandigarh

Today most of the aspects of businesses are turning to automated or digital format. In such a situation, the requirement of an IT professional increases. This has led to the CCNA. It is a type of certification by Cisco systems. After getting the CCNA certificate, the career options increase by several folds. There are various levels of accreditation provided by the Cisco certification. But, the CCNA certification helps you to enter a company at an associate level. 

To get this certificate, the candidate must appear for an exam and have a good passing score. Also,It requires proper training to get good marks in the exam. CBitss offers a specialized course for CCNA aspirants. You will have several options of Jobs in Chandigarh after CCNA. 

What is CCNA certification?

It is important to have a brief idea about this certification before going into the job opportunities. Let us start by breaking up the acronym. CCNA stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate. It is a type of technical certification. The Cisco systems offer this. Cisco offers five levels of certification, starting from the entry-level to the expert level. Also, the CCNA certificate allows you to enter into a business or any company at an associate’s level.

To procure this certificate, a student must pass with a good number in the Cisco exam code #200-301. CBitss offers a specialized course for this exam. The professionals guide you to crack the exam successfully. This exam tests the skills of the candidates. It also examines the skills required to operate, manage and troubleshoot in small and medium enterprises. The syllabus covers all the fundamentals, automation, IP connectivity and many more.

In areas like Chandigarh, the business and industries are increasing rapidly. As a result, job vacancies are also created at a good rate. Therefore, joining a CNA training course is very useful. There are a good number of jobs in Chandigarh after CCNA. 

Benefits of CCNA

There are lots of job opportunities that are offered after the CCNA certification. It not only increases your job opportunities but also helps in your overall development.

  • It helps in the effective building of the career. Proper CCNA training opens up many career opportunities.
  • After doing this certification, you can also apply for higher levels of certification. It is the second level of Cisco certification. Also, you can appear for accreditation up to the expert level. 
  • It helps you to get promoted. It improves your CV and will also help you to get jobs easier in different companies. You get more important than your teammates, which allows you to remain in a leading position.
  • One of the main advantages of CCNA is that it has even got global recognition. You can get a chance of a job in multinational companies also.
  • Appearing for the exam and getting the certificate will improve your CV. Therefore, you can get a good package salary. Also, it helps you in building your career and improves your technical knowledge.

Job Opportunities in CCNA

There are two major options after getting the CCNA certificate. You can either apply for a job in the company or appear for higher levels of certification. 

If you are searching for a job, then you have the following options:

  • Tech Support Representative 
  • System administrator 
  • IT manager 
  • Network administrator
  • Network Support manager 


In today’s era, automation in business is expanding rapidly. As a result, the demand for IT certified people or IT professionals is increasing day by day. Therefore, the Job opportunities after CCNA is increasing day by day.

CCNA certification is a technical certificate provided by the Cisco networks. One can get the certificate by appearing for the exam and getting good marks. CBitss offers a specialized course on CCNA by professionals, which will be helpful to crack this exam. It also helps you to enter a company at the associate level. In a world where we are surrounded by IT devices everywhere, getting a CCNA certificate is worth it.