Computer courses in Chandigarh offer at all levels and it can be part of many types of academic programs. Courses prepare students for a variety of jobs, including basic jobs such as data entry all the way up to more advanced positions such as Web designer, App developer, Software developer, System Administrator, Accounts professional. CBitss reputation as a leader in IT training over the past 15 years & a wide network of centres makes it one of the top most IT education provider. The institute offers wide variety of industry specific IT courses. CBitss has education and training center in the city of Chandigarh. Students can select this center to enroll and start attending classes and practice sessions in the labs without affecting their regular college or office work. Computer courses in Chandigarh   At Computer courses in Chandigarh, we understand the market needs and train the students with variety of ammunitions that would help them to be successful in their respective industry. With CBitss Technologies, you can be sure of receiving training that significantly increases your understanding retention and ability to apply new knowledge and skills to maximum effect. We are so confident in our ability to deliver reliable, effective training that unless you feel 100% satisfaction that we delivered even more than you expected. Computer courses in Chandigarh provides high Quality IT education to students through its wide network of centers. The various range of IT courses include:

  • C, C++ Programming
  • Web Development
  • Red hat or Linux Administration
  • CCNA
  • Java
  • Android application development program
  • SEO / Digital Marketing
  • Website Designing

The various range of Accounting courses include :

  • Finance & Accounting courses
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Tally
  • Quickbooks
  • Myob

With the help of Computer courses in Chandigarh, we focus on Some programs like operating basic software such as Microsoft Office, which we have to offer how to use word processing features, perform calculations & develop powerful presentations using MS Office. And learn to use advanced word processing features. Learn advanced data analysis & solving analytical problems using macros etc. Courses in computer applications typically cover the following topics:

  • Creating text files and spreadsheets
  • Managing images and data
  • Spreadsheets and presentations.

While in case of focusing on other programs which have more intermediate and advanced topics such as using HyperText Markup Language , graphics design software such as Adobe InDesign and Adobe photo-editing application Photoshop, making our own android application and live application on Google play store. Learn to query data from the web, how to apply templates, use digital signatures & import and export text files from external sources. Through Computer courses in Chandigarh we can learn how to present data in impactful visual format, use embedded links & objects, & use macros for customization. Courses in computer applications typically cover the following topics:

  • Using the Internet
  • Working with Web design programs
  • Desktop publishing
  • Mobile application development
  • Computer languages and programming