Web Designing Trends Predictions

Each industry is linked to specific trends. Innovations increase opportunities. This is how new trends are formed. Now we discuss here Biggest Web Designing Trends Predictions 2020 for making your web design creative with fresh trends. 

Adaptive design :

The web page should be precise and visually engaging on any screen or part of it. That is why affability is one of the key requirements of web design.

First of all, the target will be on mobile phones. Clearly , they are utilized for serving the Internet no less than computers and laptops. Also examine the browser window mode, which is commonly utilized to together view multiple web pages.

In addition to text and media content, any elements may dissolve from the screen when you change its size. But some of them should take on a disparate look, becoming readily accessible. So, the key component of the web page on the phone is the “Menu” button, which will permit you to go to:

  • personal account;
  • shopping cart;
  • pricing info;
  • site settings;
  • help;
  • main sections of the site.

From personal experience, I can say that I leave 80% of non-adaptive sites instantly, since it is inconvenient to work with them. Exception is the possibility of the imperative information to me. In this case, I have to adapt. But ahead is 2020. The task of developers is to save users from complications.

Push notifications :

A trend controversial enough for today, but I have to admit, it is obtaining momentum. It is undesirable to see a message from the site in the corner of the monitor while working or watching movies. However, often there is a benefit. Even though it’s a part of web development but also relates to UX design.

Notifications can be blocked, which will eradicate their indignation. But on devices such as a tablet or phone, they are generally profitable rather than insufferable. Most sites are already asking the user’s permission to send notifications.

When adding this element, it is imperative to take into account the target audience and its requirements. In the future, it is worth paying consideration to the activity and core interests. It is significant to appropriately configure the subject and frequency of notifications. This element should help users, not panic them.

Motion design :

The pace of the 21st century has made us very anxious. This also applies to finding information on the Internet, even if there is enough time. Therefore, users are in a state of “instant exposure” if the required information is attained in full on one web page.

This way of presenting information is much more efficient than textual or even pictorial. The benefits of gif over video in faster loading, which is also very significant when working with the site.

GIFs can transfer the most complicated ideas in a short amount of time. Moreover, they will absolutely interest the user, which will make him stay on the site. One of the key benefits is that they work in any browser and smartphone, so they will be available to all.

But also it is crucial to take into account that animations, as a rule, are short-lived. Examine that there are no more than 5 seconds. In this period it is significantly to enclose the entire message. If it does not work, it is better to replace it with a video.

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Video :

It differs from the lack of time when surfing the Internet. Most users have no aspire to stay long on the site. But most of them are responsible to spend 2, 5 or more minutes viewing the related video.

Some statistics:

  • 96% of users watch videos to analyze the product in more detail;
  • 79% said that it was the video that convinced them to buy the product;
  • 68% suggest to study new projects by watching videos, rather than reading texts;
  • 94% of PR managers said that video helps users to understand the idea of a project;
  • 84% of managers are persuaded that thanks to the video they managed to increase traffic on the site.

However, there is a shortlist of rules for adding this element to your site:

  1. Duration. No more than 5 minutes. The basis of the project can be simply defined during this period. The task of the video – to attract the user’s attention and make him go deeper.
  2. Relevance. The video should precisely correspond to the page on which it is located. 
  3. Simplicity. Send only the main message. If you move away from the topic, the user will be disinterested, but he will not understand the idea.
  4. Minimalism. The benefits of video do not mean that you require to fill a lot of clips. Few of the information must be submitted in text form.

Chat bots :

The next trend is connected to artificial intelligence. Users generally turn to support with questions of all types. As a rule, over time they concur and it is more and more challenging to respond to them psychologically.

Chatbots are programs designed to assume a conversation, that presently is being developed and improved, becoming more like people. They collect a base of constant questions and in the future instantly reply to interested users.

The advantages of chat bots are that they are cheap (more expensive than the FAQ section, but much cheaper than the support staff) respond instantly and are available 24/7. Disadvantages: do not understand arrogant requests, cannot appropriately answer the question asked for the first time.

White space :

The utilization of “white” space is one of the principles of logo design and an effective way to attract attention. Under the white space means the area between the design elements, as well as the space inside some elements of the web page.

There is an inaccurate point of view in the network that all the white space is “empty”. 

It is also necessary to understand that, contrary to the original name “white space”, space should not be really white. It can be any texture, color or even a background image. The aspect of white space is that it brings no semantic meaning.

Interactivity :

The development of technology has led to the fact that high-quality web design by default comprise the creation of more complex and dynamic elements. Thus, today we can see a lot of combined videos, micro-interactions, animated scrolling and much more.

Minimalism :

This trend is very commonly combined with white space. However, minimalism is a broader concept. It connect clarify the interface in various methods :

  • hidden navigation bar;
  • minimum of colors;
  • lack of additional details of graphic design;
  • minimum of buttons;
  • other.

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