SEO Organic traffic

Humankind is all about the progressive development that we encounter daily. It may include any modification in old technologies or the emergence of new technologies. One such advancement in today’s era is Digital Marketing. It has been a popular tool to strengthen the economy. However, the havoc created by the pandemic and the unemployment rate that it created has increased the use of digital marketing exponentially. Digital Marketing training in Chandigarh is increasing rapidly as Chandigarh is one of the main digital hubs in India.

The main pillar of digital marketing is SEO and organic traffic. For this purpose, SEO is important. It is really important to gather good traffic on your website to get optimum benefit out of it. SEO helps in increasing your rank in google and thus attracts more viewers to the site.

If you are regular publishing blogs on your site, there may be some old blogs on your website. They may have become outdated or miss some important links to your new blogs. Such old blog posts can drastically reduce the organic traffic on the site and affect the revenue. Therefore, it is important to update such old blogs according to SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to increasing the rank of a website on different search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. SEO mainly focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of traffic. It boosts the organic traffic of a website.

The ranking of any website or the quantitative and qualitative traffic depends on various algorithms. It takes expertise skills to understand these algorithms correctly and manipulate the website accordingly to get a higher ranking. To manipulate efficiently, SEO training is very important. CBitss professionals are well experienced to give quality SEO training in Chandigarh.

What is Organic Traffic?

SEO is focused on enhancing the organic views of a website. So, first, we must understand what is organic traffic. Organic traffic means the actual traffic of a website. It refers to the viewers that reach your website by unpaid search results. It is different from direct traffic or the paid traffic. Direct traffic is present when the visitors to the site directly enter the URL in the search bar and visit the site. If they reach your site through some paid advertisements, it is also not considered organic traffic. Organic traffic purely means the traffic that is genuine visitors. 

Tips for updating the Old Blog posts for boosting Organic traffic

Many people focus on new content for generating more organic traffic and attracting more visitors. However, it is interesting to know that the old posts can also be manipulated to increase a website’s traffic.

Manipulate the mid-performing pages

The pages or blogs that attract visitors, but not enough traffic is gained can be manipulated to increase the website’s organic traffic. This will increase the traffic and reduce the number of pages on the website, making it easier to handle.

Adding the recent year to the older content

Technology is constantly getting updated. However, even after the launch of new products, old devices remain in the top ranking lists. In such cases, the present year can be added to the heading or the keywords. In many cases, it has been shown to increase the traffic of a web page.

Update the posts with Low CTR

CTR is the click-through rate and shows how many people are attracted to click your page out of the total people who viewed your page on Google.

The old content with low CTR’s must be managed by changing the title to attractive headings and adding meta descriptions that would attract more audience. For doing such efficient manipulation of the older content, SEO training in Chandigarh is very important.

Provide internal Links 

While updating the old posts, you must provide links to your other relevant pages. This will direct the viewers towards the newer content. This will increase the overall organic traffic of the website. Also, by using the old posts, your new posts will get more visitors.

Schema Markup

The experts have suggested that adding schema markup can exponentially increase the visibility of the page. If efficiently used, then the old posts giving negligible views started giving thousands of views. It involves answering the common questions or frequently asked questions on a relatable topic in the old posts.

Study the changes

Industries are undergoing constant changes. Also, you must study your change in the pattern of writing the posts. Updating such posts by adding more content to them and making them more attractive will improve the organic traffic.


Digital marketing is one such example. Efficient use of digital marketing can create a bunch of opportunities for the youths. Digital marketing is based on the success of the website. A website must have more visibility and a good rank to get more viewers and earn good revenue.

SEO may seem like an easy task. However, it requires lots of skills to understand the algorithms of Google and manipulate the content accordingly to gain more traffic. As it requires good skills, people always demand expert people for SEO. CBitss is a renowned organization that provides this professional training.  To wrap up, we would suggest that SEO is an improving scope of employment. Therefore, one must opt for SEO training.