Android Training in Chandigarh

Android is a software designed for the mobile phone application. It is based on a modified version of the Linux kernel. This gives scope to the developer to create a new and innovative application for mobile devices. These applications are mainly developed by using a java programming language that is most commonly in use right now.

Android training is something in which people are introduced to the android world. They used to take training in this android platform. And for android training online, one of the best organizations is android training in Chandigarh by CBitss.

This helps you to build up your application. This Android training course gives theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the mobile application that is android based. After this android training course, you can make your application, understand the whole concept of this, and make your medium-level application for the play store.

Reasons why android training is a game-changer

Android developers are high on demand: as many companies are using android software for their devices, there are high chances of development in this field. Due to this increasing demand, android developers demand also increasing. Companies want professionals and skilled employees to fulfill their needs. And people who want to make a carrier in this field have a great opportunity.

Practical knowledge

Students who are joining the android training course have better practical knowledge in this. And this helps them to get a job quickly in future. They have a strong foundation in this, and this increases their chances of employment.

Creates impressive app for business

Android training helps students to blend their creativity with technical skills. In recent times the various fantastic app has been constructed, which is very helpful in the business field. Building android apps requires less investment as compared to other platform-based apps.

Better pay package

A suitable salary package that everyone wants can get in this android development field. That is why most of the student prefers android training courses compare to another course. Even this provides a lucrative pay package to the fresher students, which is not available in another field.

Thus we can say that certification in this android training courses help to get depth knowledge, allows them to enhance their technical skill, and improves their creativity and android training in Chandigarh trying its best to give you a better environment for your study.

The job opportunities for android developers are expected to increase by 25 to 30% in the coming year. Skilled android developers are high on demand right now in companies.

Benefits of Android Training

No license fee

 This is open-source, there is no requirement to pay the fee. Anyone can use it free of cost. After download, you can start your work whenever you want.


One of the best advantages is that it is flexible to all types. Unlike the IOS type, which has terms and conditions for their platform and in the case of android, there is nothing as such problem. IOS types device is not compatible with all platforms, but android is.

Easy accessibility

This is the main reason people prefer to use android over any other platform. If developers have an internet connection, they can use it from anywhere or anytime when they want.

High demands

Many of the devices we are using right now are all android type, so android products in the market are also high compared to other software, which is why developers demand in the market is also high. Every company wants professional and skilled employees for their program. That is why developers are hired no matter how much they cost. This is the reason why developers have a high package of salary as compared to other jobs.

Cross-platform compatibility

This gives the developer chances to partner with other types of platforms and improve their skills and get professional knowledge about this.

Why Android is mainly preferred over other software?

Better values

In the market, android has better deals as compared to different types. This is affordable for everyone, but another type is not. That is why the market value of this much much higher as compare to another class. They are available in all ranges with good features, but that is not in other phones.

Customization and widgets

Many telephones have restrictions over widgets; they select what you can use or whatnot. But android does not have such issues. You can choose or use widgets that you want. They do not have many restrictions compared to others. You can customize your phone.

Multi-window support

Not all phones support multitasking. But Android phones have such facilities, and you can operate in two tabs simultaneously without facing any problem.

More log in options

Androids have more login options compared to others. If anyone system fails to respond, you can use other options to log in. This makes your login easier, faster and smoother.

Working file system

It has a proper working file system that is not available in other phones which are not android. You can transfer your file directly from phone to PC through a USB capable without any problem, but in another system, it is complicated.

Some latest trends of Android

New payment app

Android allows people to make an easy payment; that is why the online transaction is high in today s situation. Most people prefer virtual wallets instead of actual.

Cloud storage

This is one of the new trends in android, where it provides extra space or hold to the user. They can store it online and can get it whenever they want.


The demand for android is increasing day by day. And students and professionals who want to make carriers in this field who wish to make something of their own have a great opportunity, for this Android training in Chandigarh by CBitss are best.

 Due to all these available features, trends and opportunities, most students prefer to make a carrier in this field. Many more developed features are coming, and this increases carrier scope in this field. Cbitss allowing you to complete your android training course in this pandemic time.