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Android training emerge as passion for new generation IT professionals because android mobile application development is extremely in demand these days as each brand wish to develop its mobile application to deliver its customers in exceptional way and in this way Android has achieve most prominent position in the market and that is why Android Training in Chandigarh has come to be first choice of each IT professional.

CBitss Technologies provides the Android Training in Chandigarh. CBitss Technologies is Chandigarh situated IT company deals in Android mobile applications for Indians and overseas customers. We trained the aspirants which are showing their interest in doing Android Course in Chandigarh.

We are not committed fake talks about afford a job after course completion. But we will make you professional android app developer which willguide you knowledge about latest technologies and trends. So you can efficiently get a job in the field of mobile App development. There are numerous students which are placedin a good companies and they acclaim our institute as the Best Android Training Institute in Chandigarh.

CBitss Technologies are planned at creating skilled manpower in the country by contributing quality training programs in the field of website development & mobile application development.

Benefits of Android training :-

  • Android is usually adaptable platform for building apps & games for Android users.
  • Android grip 82% of Worldwide Smart-phone Market.
  • Android has furnish customized solutions to brands for desired intercommunication with clients.
  • Android provide facility to users with thousands of new features than never before.
  • Conclusively, for Android training aspirants, Android training in Chandigarh is the best training program they must join because freshers get more opportunity to get job in android platform as comparability of other technologies.
  • We have construct Android training program in such a way that everyone with basic knowledge of programming and mobile technologies can grasp it easily.
  • We train the candidates in Core JAVA then we shift to Android basics and then to live application development which provide crystal clear vision to the learner about the technology.
  • Every candidate is exposed with distribution of their application in Google Play.
  • Based on these profits / benefits aspirants elect to join CBitss for Android Training in Chandigarh.
  • Students who take training from us become capable to design application in such a way that it can work smoothly on every device ranging from multiple hardware,screen size and numerous available versions of android.
  • Android isan open-source software which makes it frequently adaptable by companies to expand applications in it for their clients which basically leads to bring new job opportunities for fresher candidates.
  • We have experienced android developers who train the aspirants with full allegiance and devotion by giving personal or specialattention to individual candidate which is conclusive requirement of one who want to join a good organization where he/she could learn deep conception of Android technology.

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Android Training in Chandigarh Android training in Chandigarh by CBitss Technologies. Deploy your app on Google play store. Work on latest version of android and also using Kotlin for coding. Enroll for Android app development course in Chandigarh. Call or Whatsapp NOW @ 9988741983.
Dec 15, 2015
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Android training in Chandigarh has become first choice among every individual. and every one want to design their own android application as the internet users are rapidly moving from desktop to smart phone. Android Mobile Application development is done by Android Studio which is the official integrated development environment published on May 16, 2013 at the Google I/O conference. Android Studio is openly available under the Apache License 2.0.

Excited in making your android application live?

I know this is a very exciting question if you are curious about knowing the functionality of different mobile apps and making your own app live so that users could download your app like OLA & UBER. You can live your mobile applications on Google play store. Google Play or Google Play Store, and basically the Android Market, is a digital distribution platform managed by Google. It deliver as the official app store for the Android operating system, grant users to browse and download applications developed with the Android SDK and released through Google.

How to upload our android app in Google play store?

  1. Go to your Google Play Developer Console.
  2. Select All applications > Add new application.
  3. Using the drop down menu, choose a default language and add a title for your app. Type the name of your app as you wish it to show in Google Play.
  4. Now, Select Upload APK.
  5. Select from the Production, Beta, or Alpha channels and choose Upload your APK.
  6. Set up your Store listing.
  7. Publish your app usingtimed or standardpublishing.
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Syllabus for Core JAVA:Android Course in Chandigarh

Chapter 1: JAVA Concepts

  • 1. Java Fundamentals
    • Features of Java
    • OOPs Concepts
    • Java virtual machine
    • Data types, Variable, Arrays, Expres Sions, Operators, and Control Structures
    • Objects and Classes
  • 3. Exception Handling
    • Exception as Objects
    • Exception Hierarchy
    • Try Catch Finally
    • Throw, Throws
  • 5. Multi Threading
    • Thread Life Cycle
    • Multi Threading Advantages and Issues
    • Simple Thread Program
    • Thread Synchronization
    • Expressions, Operators, and Control Structures
    • Objects and Classes
  • 7. Java Awt
    • AWT Basics
    • Event Handling
  • 9. Applet
    • Applet Basics
    • Graphics in Applet
    • Displaying image in Applet
    • Animation in Applet
    • EventHandling in Applet
    • Digital Clock in Applet
    • Analog Clock in Applet
  • 2. Java Classes
    • Abstract, Static, Inner Classes
    • Packages
    • Wrapper classes
    • Interfaces
    • This
    • Super
    • Access Control
  • 4. IO Package
    • Input and output
    • File Input & Output
    • ByteA rrayOutputStream
    • SequenceIOutputStream
    • CharArrayWriter
    • Input by Console
    • Input by Scanner
  • 6. Java String
    • What is String
    • Immulating String
    • String Comparison
    • SubString
    • Methods of String
    • StringBuffer class
  • 8. Java Swing
    • Basic of Swings
    • JButton class
    • JTextA rea class
    • JComboBox
    • JColorChooser class
    • JProgressbar class
    • Digital Watch
    • Graphics in swing
    • Displaying Image
10. Java JDBC
    • JDBC Introduction
    • JDBC Driver
    • DB Connectivity Steps
    • Connectivity with Oracle
    • Connectivity with MySQL
    • Access without DSNDriverManager
    • Connection
    • Statement
    • ResultSet
    • PreparedStatement
    • ResultSetMetaData
    • DatabaseMetaData
    • Collection Framework android training in chandigarh

Syllabus for Android training:Android Course in Chandigarh

Chapter 2: Introduction to Android

  • 1. What is Android?
  • 2. Setting up development environment
  • 3. Dalvik Virtual Machine & .apk file extension
  • 4. Fundamentals:
    • Basic Building blocks -Activities,Services,Broadcast Receivers & Content providers
    • UI Components -Views & notifications
    • Components for communication -Intents & Intent Filters
  • 5. Android API levels (versions & version names)

Chapter 5: Basic UI design

  • 1. Form widgets
  • 2. Text Fields
  • 3. Layouts
  • 4. [dip, dp, sip, sp] versus px
  • 5. Lists
  • 6. Web View & Web Pages

Chapter 7: Intents (in detail)

  • 1. What is intent ? How many types of intents use in android.
  • 2. Explicit Intents
  • 3. Implicit intents

Chapter 9: Styles & Themes

  • 1. Styles.xml
  • 2. Drawable resources for shapes, gradients (selectors)
  • 3. Style attribute in layout file
  • 4. Applying themes via code and manifest file

Chapter 11: Adapters and Widgtes

  • 1. ArrayAdapters
  • 2. BaseAdapters
  • 3. ListView and ListActivity
  • 4. Custom listview
  • 5. GridView using adapters
  • 6. Gallery using adapters
  • 7. Hashtable, Hashmap

Chapter 12: Notifications

  • 1. Broadcast Receivers
  • 2. Services and notifications
  • 3. Toast
  • 4. Alarms

Chapter 14: Threads

  • 1. Threads running on UI thread (runOnUiThread)
  • 2. Handlers & Runnable
  • 3. AsynTask (in detail)

Chapter 16: Android Multimedia & Animation

  • 1. MediaPlyer: Audio
  • 2. MediaPlyer: Video
  • 3. Recording Media

Chapter 18: Android Telephony

  • 1. TelephonyManager
  • 2. Get Call State
  • 3. Simple Caller Talker
  • 4. Phone Call
  • 5. Send SMS

Chapter 20: Working with Material Design android training in chandigarh

  • 1. Working with Material Design
  • 2. New Widgets
  • 3. Custom shadows
  • 4. Vector drawables
  • 5. Animations
  • 6. Recycle View/Card View

Chapter 22:Social Media Integration best android training institute in chandigarh

  • 1. Facebook
  • 2. Youtube
  • 3. LinkedIn
  • 4. Twitter

Chapter 24:Learn Code with Kotlin best android training institute in chandigarh

  • 1. Introduction to kotlin
  • 2. Syntax to Kotlin
  • 3. How to add Kotlin in Android Studio
  • 4. Develop apps using Kotlin

Chapter 3: Application Structure (in detail)

  • 1. AndroidManifest.xml
  • 2. Uses-permission & uses-sdk
  • 3. Resources &
  • 4. Assets
  • 5. Layouts & Drawable Resources
  • 6. Activities and Activity lifecycle

Chapter 4: Emulator-Android Virtual Device

  • 1. Launching Emulator
  • 2. Editing Emulator Settings
  • 3. Emulator Shortcuts
  • 4. Logcat Usage
  • 5. Introduction to DDMS
  • 6. Second App:-(Switching Between Activities)
  • 7. Develop an app for demonstrating the communication between Intents

Chapter 6: Menu

  • 1. Option Menu
  • 2. Context Menu
  • 3. Sub Menu
  • 4. Menu from XML
  • 5. Menu via Code
  • 6. Drawer Navigation Bar best android training institute in chandigarh

Chapter 8: UI design

  • 1. Time and Date
  • 2. Images and media
  • 3. Composite
  • 4. Alert Dialogs & Toast
  • 5. Popup

Chapter 10: Content Providers

  • 1. SQLite Programming
  • 2. SQLiteOpenHelper
  • 3. SQLiteDatabse
  • 4. Cursor
  • 5. Reading and updating Contacts
  • 6. Reading bookmarks
  • 7. Develop an App to demonstrate database usage. CRUD operations must be implemented.

Chapter 13: Custom Components

  • 1. Custom Tabs
  • 2. Custom Layout
  • 3.Other Components

Chapter 15: Preferences, Tabs & ADB Tools

  • 1. SharedPreferences
  • 2. What is Tab ? And what is the use of Tab activity.
  • 3. Fragments android course in chandigarh

Chapter 17: Android Speech

  • 1. Custom Tabs
  • 2. Custom Layout
  • 3. Other Components

Chapter 19: Android Device

  • 1. Bluetooth Tutorial
  • 2. List Paired Devices
  • 3. WIFI
  • 4. Phone Call
  • 5. Send SMS

Chapter 21: Android Web API best android training institute in chandigarh

  • 1. SOAP
  • 2. REST
  • 3. XML
  • 4. JSON

Chapter 23: Advanced Android best android training institute in chandigarh

  • 1. GCM Push Notification
  • 2. Gestures
  • 3. Integrate Google AdMob in App
  • 4. Put your APP in Google Play Store
  • 5. Google Map
  • 6. GPS Tracking
  • 7. PayPal Integration

As we work on mobile applications, we can also work on web applications for website development with the use of different technologies like Java, PHP, .Net etc. When we talk about Chandigarh, PHP is the language that is mostly used here for website development. There is a huge job scope of PHP in Chandigarh. PHP training in Chandigarh is provided by CBitss Technologies at advanced level.


  1. We are not JOB provider so no fake commitments, we will make you professional Android Mobile Application Developer with latest trends & technologies by which JOBs will be behind you.
  2. IT Companies across Chandigarh know that we are one of the premier training organization for Android training so they prefer to hire fresher android developers from us. We update all Android-related jobs in our official Facebook page for android training in Chandigarh.
  3. We do not provide demo classes, as we believe this is a fakest process in luring the students and convincing them to join the training. We are simply professional Android Mobile Application Developers who believe in LIVE training with real facts & figures.
  4. However we have developed special techniques to train the beginners, it's all up to candidate how he/she works hard to learn the technology.

Refund Policy:

  1. If you find that the trainer is not aware about the core concepts of the technology or you are not happy with the training method, We will refund your fees paid with no questions asked. This facility is available for first two lectures.
Android Training in Chandigarh
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Product description:Our android training course covers all the modules that are in demand. You will not only learn android concepts but you will be able to make your self designed android application live on Google play store.
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Android training in Chandigarh

Android is the passion for new generation and now a days everyone want to learn Android.

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