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Android is an open source and Linux kernel based mobile operating system which is available with java programming interface. It was developed by open handset alliance now led by Google with large community of developers. Android is now one of the most liked mobile OS by the mobile users. Android phone's compatibility is versatile thus enterprises can build their own robust, secure & customised Android Application Development according to their business needs. It is expected that there are around 200 million devices using Android because it supports 2D and 3D graphics animation using openGL libraries. For data storage, it uses SQLLite database.
We understand the needs & importance of the Android Application Development for users & we strive for providing them the services that enable them to have the Android Applications that they want according to their needs
Our Android developers are proficient in using the latest android development tools and the advanced object oriented methodologies to design and develop a sophisticated fully functional application as well as to market it, once it's launched.

Mobile application is the process of generating applications for mobile devices on a software platform. Ideally, developers will distribute true mobile apps that they view as their own and are not just warmed-over Web pages. The most lucrative mobile applications make full need of mobile device features, such as accommodating the microphone, camera , GPS, etc .

Mobile app development presents unlimited challenges: not just particular operating systems and devices, but also displays sizes and on-device features. End users today expect classic and easy-to-use mobile apps. Otherwise, the app will be destroyed. This usually means that mobile apps need to be updated every 2-4 weeks versus annually for many conventional desktop apps. Getting a new app to run exactly on all devices within that schedule needs a powerful platform and to obtain this type of platform, we need an android training. Our Android training in Chandigarh gives you all types of platforms for making you mobile application and also how to get your own mobile application live on Google play store.