Corporate Training

Campus training

For an organization with the changes in technologies , training the existing manpower is another big challenge to stay at the top. Being the most valuable assets of the company's skilled workforce, Training the professionals on latest technologies not only encapsulates them with the skills to be more productive in the workplace but also builts their confidence and curiosity .
This Investment made in IT resources for a company is of no use if company's employees are not equipped with the correct skills to utilise the technology.

We have over 100 industry expert professionals for almost all kinds of popular technologies of IT industry. We are in this industry from last 10 years and we have given training in various Banks, Corporate sectors , Govt. organizations ,Colleges and Universities.
Apart from corporate training , we have conducted so many Faculty development programs and In-house industrial training programs for the students of colleges and universities. The syllabus of every technology is revised regularly and latest contents are added to provide them world class sophisticated Training modules.

Below are the various training modules we train on