6 Six Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

6 Six Months Industrial Training in Chandigarh

The Six months industrial training is the turning point for every student who has undergone Btech. , BCA, MCA, BBA or MBA course. In this age of computers, it is nearly impossible to get a JOB with just a degree or diploma. One must have deep knowledge atleast in one of the relevant technologies that lie under networking, programming, internet technologies, HR, Finance , accounting software, etc.

So for the aspirants , it is very important to choose the right technology module which can be considered as a career option and the most important thing which one must take in very serious consideration is choosing the right organization from where candidate should take the six months industrial training .

We CBitss, are Chandigarh based company, leader in our class to provide the best industrial training to the students who want to undergo 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 2 months, summer internship or 6 months industrial training. Along with technical training, we have various result deriven techniques to patronize the candidates for interviews with our personality development training modules that are complimentary with all technical training modules. Such modules not help only in getting a good JOB but also reflect in their real life also .

As this is the matter of student's career therefore only professional trainers who have good industrial knowledge can train the students well with the core concepts of technology as per the industry's manpower requirements.

The well-experienced staff in CBitss is always ready to take the students to the zenith of IT industry with their world class teaching techniques. However, in order to achieve these goals, it is paramount for students to avail themselves to this yielding opportunity. Convincingly, CBitss believes in making candidates for feeding the nation and world at large not just making the arrangements for today only.. Those who aspire to become independent IT professionals, we strongly recommend them to get a career counselling from our representatives.

Below are the various training modules that can be chosen as career options.

PHP, Wordpress, Magento, Codeigniter, cPanel

Choosing PHP language in industrial training is good career option for those who are good in programming. The latest release of PHP 7 has put it in the list of top 5 fastest programming languages. So the overall demand of PHP developers has tremendously increased. Our special career module for PHP industrial training in Chandigarh will certainly help you in becoming a successful programmer.

Linux, LAMP, WHM, cPanel, Web Hosting, All Access on Live Servers

Linux is the world’s dominant open source application platform. We are known for our specialised and top notch Linux training in Chandigarh. Our real time assignments and questionnaires are the most important specialities that differentiate us from others. We are Red hat authorized training partner. Along with this, we train the students on LAMP, WHM, Cpanel, Shell Scripting & Monitoring, etc. All work is done on LIVE servers.

Networking with CCNA: Routing and Switching

The demand of network engineers is increasing day by day because of wide network establishment. They can be the persons who have their own specialization in the field of networking, working anywhere and serving in any company. This is the basic certification program in the field of networking. Candidates from IT background especially Electronics and communication and those who are interested in Networking can join our CCNA training in Chandigarh.

SEO, SEM, SMO, Adwords, Adsense, Bidding, Affiliate & many more

Search Engine Optimization is all about to engage right customers to your business over various search engines like Yahoo, Google, Bing, etc. Thousands of people use search engines to search products or services online and maximum of them do not view for a particular brand . They rather choose the brands suggested in the search results. Therefore, our SEO training in Chandigarh provides a module for students that helps to promote their businesses and also helps them in how to choose a specific thing that they want. The high rate of placement of “Digital Marketing course” among other technologies has made it our most demanding training program.

Core JAVA, Android, App deployment on google play store

As per a survey, companies are hiring Android developers much faster than any other professionals in mobile technology. Android has attained a huge importance because it supports a bulk of mobile systems globally.Our special programs in our Android training in Chandigarh build a student’s skills in concepts like Core Android, advanced Android user interface components, multimedia and much more . We also deliver expertise in other Android fundamentals like Intent Filters, Broadcast Receivers, Sensors, Telephony, Camera, Wi-Fi, user experience and much more.

Web Designing, Responsive, Parallax sites & UI/UX Designing

Our Web Designing Course in Chandigarh is a comprehensive training program best suited to those students who want to learn front end designing. We are a renowned Web Design Company in Chandigarh, offering wide range of web services including website designing, software development, web application development and mobile application development, etc. Candidates who have interest in designing can easily learn designing and make attractive & beautiful websites. The job scopes are also very high in the field of website, UI/UX designing.

HR, Payroll, Core, Generalist, Recruiter, Finance and Administration

As we know industrial training is the part of the syllabus for all engineering and management students in some respective fields. Our HR training in Chandigarh is one of the part of industrial training for MBA/BBA students. The main importance of our BBA / MBA industrial training in Chandigarh is to train students in the work culture of the industry. Human resource training is especially necessary with respect to selecting, interviewing and appointing new employees. People who work in human resources must be capable to find the deserving candidates for an extensive spectrum of job openings.

Marketing Management, MLM Sales, Digital Marketing, Public Speaking

Industrial Training is the great strategy of exposing students to real work life situations and to prepare them with the necessary skills that enhance their job awareness. The Main function of Marketing is advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. It is the process of introducing and advertising the product or service into the market and boost their sales. Pursuing Our marketing management course in Chandigarh , students learn how to deal with numerous customers, how to sell their products in market. They can also learn how to work online for marketing management which is also known as digital marketing.

Finance management , ROI, planning Investment

Finance management training in Chandigarh provides the candidate the knowledge about how to manage our financial funds in business and how we can protect our businesses from mismanagement of money. Here in this course, you will learn the Financial Management's basic concepts, theories and techniques which deal with conceptual framework like Financial Planning & Accounting, Business Finance, Research Methodology, Financial and Cost Accounting, Taxation, Risk Management and Insurance Planning, Accounting with Tally, Service Tax, VAT, CST & E1 Sales, Payroll Processing using Software & Biometric Machines , Income Tax, Central Excise and Banking.

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