Online Business

Online Services

The Online business is the type of business which provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over the internet. Online business is generally buying ,transferring or exchanging goods, services and information through the medium of networks. Cbitss offers all types of online business services to its clients.
1. Dedicated servers - We have dedicated servers which provide powerful and secure web hosting solutions for the clients with more sophisticated needs.
2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) - Using VPS enables you to have higher control and access over the accounts and applications of your website.
3. Shared hosting - It includes hosting many websites on the same server. The websites of many clients are hosted on similar resources (processor , memory , bandwidth and software).
4. Affiliate Marketing - It is basically revenue sharing between online advertisers and online publishers where compensation is based upon performance measures in the form of clicks on client's website. This is the combination of unique content writing, good links and revenue sharing among associates who are working for this.
5. Online classifieds sites - The loudest way to draw attention to our clients website is through classified ad posting. We use this strategy to create awareness among people about specific services delivered by client's website.

6. Job portal - We run a website for jobs in which companies can post their requirements for the resources free of cost and our students can post their resumes to the companies without any charges. 7. Tourism portal: Some of our most popular tourism web sites are given below. These sites are mostly visited by tourists across the world to find the best services to enjoy the vacations.