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Web Server in India

Shared hosting is also known Web hosting. In web hosting, the service provider distributes the pages for various Websites for having its own particular Internet domain name from an individual Web server. Most companies manage shared hosting.

Shared hosting plans extremely reduce the cost of getting initiated on the web by granting many websites to reside on a particular server that is associated to a high-speed Internet backbone. The extensive costs of operating a server are shared between all websites, giving a more efficient solution to both individuals and small to medium-sized businesses looking to build an online existence. The alternative to shared hosting is known as dedicated hosting where there is only one website on the integrated servers.

On the other hand, all performance assets on a physical machine (server) are mutual/shared. The RAM , CPU, the individual Apache server, a particular MySQL server and the specific Mail server are on a shared base.

Therefore . Web Hosting is the most provident way of hosting a website simply because expenses per machine are covered by more users.