Seminar & Workshop

Free Seminar

We deal in Free seminars and workshops based on awareness of Open Source Technologies. Open source is a term which defines the liberty of using the software freely.
We are a fully fledged Open Source Software Company. We give awareness about free Open Source software and cyber laws for piracy. Along with these technical stuff, Our personality development modules & interview preparation methodology will be contemporary.

Free Seminar Free Seminar Free Seminar The Programme aims at
enhancing the academics and intellectual environment in the Institutions by providing faculty members with enough opportunities to pursue research and also to participate in seminars / conferences / workshops.
Our Sophisticated and highly technical Faculty Development Programme (FDP) aims at equipping teachers with technical skills and knowledge as per industry standards. These standards are essential for inculcating latest technical attributes in students, guiding and monitoring their progress towards their technical growth.
Key Features
1. To provide an opportunity to the teachers of the Colleges to pursue their academic/research activities leading to the award of M.Phil./ Ph.D. degree.
2.Participation in such programmes would enable faculty members to update their research and pedagogical skills.
3. To provide a learning opportunity to the teachers so that they can execute the events like conferences, seminars or participate in workshops and exchange knowledge games which will be kinds of new learning environment among the students.
4. To provide an opportunity to Young Faculty members to spend a short period on improving their teaching style by understanding the brain of an individual student.