Web Designing course in chandigarh

With the conventional definition, web designing is considered as just drafting the layout of the website. But now when digital marketing is the major part of marketing, everything has changed. Web designing is not just the page of a website but has various components. Such as layout, theme, color combination, font, content, and so on. It makes them develop the strategy for effectively showcasing the content utilizing the correct set of keywords, images, and meta descriptions in the content.  All of this supports the digital marketing campaigns run by the marketing professionals of the organization.

Importance of Web Designing

Web Designing is more of an art where the placing of the images and content marks an important factor that contributes to setting up the first impression on the public. Web designing plays an important role in setting up marketing strategies. The importance of web designing in Digital Marketing is as follows:

  1. Brand Awareness: Web designing is an arrangement of company essentials like Logo, favicon,etc. In a proper manner so that it gets the right view, as well as the branding, is done correctly.
  2. Improves the marketing strategies: Website designing plays an important role in improving the marketing strategies.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: The content of the website also contributes to Search engine optimization by placing the correct keywords at the correct place.
  4. Increases traffic: If the response time of the website is very fast such that it does not take much time to load, in that case, the user gets whatever they require and further helps in increasing the traffic and the visitors which ultimately leads to increased customer base.
  5. Improves Ranking: A better user experience and the correct content placement is something that strengthens the ranking on the search engines which again leads to run the campaigns in the desired way.
  6. Google Ads: While running the ads on the page can turn the traffic into monetary benefits which is again an upper hand for the organization and a method to earn well.

Why Web Designing?

Web designing is a mixture of technical and artistic approaches where the placing of the images. Often that layout is something that leaves the first impression on the customer or the visitor, the user experience is the secondary matter of consideration that comes under the technical know-how and how the website responds.

Attractive Home Page

The first page that appears when the website is clicked is the homepage. It forms the first impression on the client. Also, the color combination and the font of the content must be such that it doesn’t look tacky.

Pages Interlinking

When one page or topic connects to another within the same website is called pages interlinking. The pages interlinking in the website should respond in few seconds for a better user experience. The longer they take, the higher is the disappointment rate of the user.

Outbound Links

There must be minimum or no outbound links which can direct the user from one website to another. This can deviate the mind of the user thus resulting in a bad user experience.


The images used in the website should be of good quality however the size should not be much so that it loads fast and thus the user gets a satisfied response within the stipulated time of few clicks

No. of Pages

There should be an optimized number of pages on a website, this helps the user to get information collectively in one place and this tends to improve the user experience.

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Requirement for learning Web Designing

Especially, web designing is a course that can make them multi-tasked. This can help the professionals to gain knowledge of all the aspects that can impact the digital marketing strategies and the campaigns. It is an added advantage to such people as they become aware of the complete procedure. And the workflow making it easy for them to plan the marketing campaigns accordingly.


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