Pay-Per-Click trends

Automation will Accelerate

PPC Automation is among the top Pay-Per-Click trends aiming at optimizing SEM efforts by using AI and machine learning technology. Evidence indicates that automation can be used to improve PPC campaigns and would be readily agreed by PPC experts to:

  • Calculate the best bidding strategy for various objectives.
  • Set offers to get as many conversions as possible to the CPA goal set.
  • Enhance CPC by searching for ad auctions that are most likely to produce conversions.
  • Stop low-performing ads and choose those that produce the best advertising outcomes.
  • Identify performance problems in an account.
  • Dynamically produce advertisements based on user activity and web content.
  • Build and optimize ad copy based on data feeds from Google Scripts.
  • Generate ad success reports automatically.

The Superpower of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new wave in the digital world. When it comes to PPC, AI will enable marketers to build more successful advertising campaigns and is especially useful for:

  • Predict the CTR for future advertising
  • Calculate the effect of advertisements on quality scores
  • Identify the probability of conversion from a specific customer
  • Analyse bids that are likely to have high traffic
  • Optimize keywords, advertisements, or campaigns when an incident occurs

As AI learns more about the actions of your audience, it can create targeted ads more specifically to boost the efficiency of your PPC campaigns. And that’s not only going to affect Google or Bing ads; AI also has a huge effect on Amazon Advertising.

You can power your Amazon Advertising campaign with the aid of AI to:

  • Automate bids (for both short-and long-tail keywords)
  • Make bid changes based on the keywords’ estimated revenue per request.
  • Optimize marketing campaigns with long-tail keywords
  • Provide detailed diagnostic details on active keywords at once

AI is also successful in generating fantastic studies. With tools like Adzooma (Google Partner), you can build PPC reports in as little as four steps. The only thing you need to do is:

  • Link your account to Google Ads
  • Click the “Build Chart” button on the chart tab in the top corner of the screen.
  • Attach the things you want in the report, along with text, photos, or your own logo.
  • Choose the metrics you want (keyword rank, Advertising Cost of Sales, etc.) in the format you need (table, line graph, etc.)

 Becoming a Google Adwords certified professional helps in getting jobs in reputed companies. PPC and SEO training in Chandigarh helps aspirants get knowledge according to all the recent updates and changes in the digital platform so that professionals will always stay updated with full automation and live projects. Now, these trends are the latest and going to help everyone who uses the PPC Platform.

Bumper Digital Ads

┬áVideo content is expected to continue dominating the market in the coming year. It is yet another major Pay-Per-Click trends shaping the digital landscape. In fact, video marketing has become a powerful strategy to reach the target audience. Now, here’s how video ads will affect PPC in 2021:

  • Businesses would need to switch to Google’s vertical video advertising.
  • More and more advertisers will begin to connect to brands in video advertising.
  • Marketers will begin integrating virtual reality (VR) to provide “true” experiences for audiences.
  • Instagram Stories will continue to dominate video marketing.

One of the most popular video ads features Google has introduced is Bumper System, which uses machine learning to generate 6-second bumper ads from longer videos (90 seconds or less) that can be viewed across YouTube.

The full-funnel video strategy helps advertisers to handle 6-second bumper ads, skippable in-stream ads, and non-slip in-stream advertising.

You can select a combination of TV and online video advertising to further optimize visibility.

Welcome Ads Data Hub, Goodbye Pixels

Built for a single screen environment, pixel technology can’t monitor ads across mobile devices for their effectiveness. And because more than 70 percent of the time YouTube spends on mobile devices, advertisers have had to rely on third-party pixels to measure their YouTube campaigns’ effectiveness.

However, Google has announced that, due to security issues, they will stop allowing third party pixel monitoring on YouTube. Over the last few years, this limitation of tracking pixels has been the subject of industry debate and, thus, Google has begun investing in the Advertising Data Centre.

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