With Android Operating System (OS) Kitkat version 4.4 circum out to mobile devices beyond the globe. Features of Android :Android-courses-in-Chandigarh There are so many appearance of Android :

  1. Near field communication : Most Android devices hold NFC, which grant electronics devices to efficiently collaborate with short distances.
  1. No touch control : Using Android apps such as Wave Control, end users can control their phones touch free, using only signal.
  1. Automation : The taker app lets you not only control app acceptance but also automatize them.
  1. Infrared Transmission : The Android Operating system supports a in-built infrared transmitter, concede you to use your phone or tablet as a remote control.
  1. Alternate Keyboards : Android support numerous keyboards and makes them accessible to install; the SwiftKey, Skype and 8pen apps all endeavor way to rapidly change up your keyboard pattern.
  1. Widgets : Apps are accomplished, but frequently you want information at a glance in place of having to open an app and wait for it to load. Android widgets let you demonstrate just about any factor you choose, right on the home screen—including weather apps, music widgets, or productivity tools that helpfully prompt you of upcoming meetings or coming deadlines.
  1. Storage and Battery swap : Android phones also have individual hardware effectiveness. Google’s OS makes it feasible to remove and enhance your battery or to recover one that no longer holds a charge. In extension, Android phones come with SD card slots for expansive storage.
  1. Custom Rooms : Because the Android operating system is open source, developers can tease the current OS and build their own versions, which end users can download and install in field of the stock OS. Some are full with features, while others modified the look and feel of a device. Chances are if there is a facet you want, someone has previously built a custom ROM for it.
  1. Wireless app downloader : Accessing app stores on any mobile device can be confront, but IOS makes it a slight more challenging—download an app on your computer, and it won’t sync to your mobile device as for as you plug in and access iTunes.
  1. Custom Home Screen : While it’s feasible to hack assured phones to personalize the home screen, Android comes with this proficiency from the get-go. Download a third-party launcher like Nova, Apex or Slide and you can add gestures, new shortcuts, or even performance improvement for older-model devices.