A Fragment is a section of an activity which facilitate more modular activity design. It will not be wrong if we say, a fragment is a amiable of sub-activity. A fragment substitute a behavior or segment of user interface in an Activity. You can associate multiple fragments in a single enterprise to build a multi-pane UI and change a fragment in numerous activities. You can consider a fragment as a commutable section of an activity, which has its individual lifecycle, accept its peculiar input events, and which you can add or remove while the activity is executing .

  • A fragment has its own design and its own behavior with its individual lifecycle callbacks.
  • You can add or remove fragments in an enterprise while the activity is running.
  • You can merge multiple fragments in a single activity to frame a multi-pane UI.
  • A fragment can be used in numerous activities.
  • Fragment life cycle is firmly related to the lifecycle of its presenter activity.
  • When the activity is stoped, all the fragments usable in the acivity will also be interrupted.
  • A fragment can appliance a behavior that has no user interface fundamental.
  • Fragments were joined to the Android API in version of android Honeycomb which API version 11.
  • Encapsulation of logic.
  • Exceptional handle of the lifecycle of the fragment.
  • Renewable in other active.

Ten things our smartphones earlier have or will finally replace :

  1. GPS Devices
  2. Landline Phones
  3. Books
  4. Music Players
  5. Wallets
  6. Remote & Switches
  7. Cameras
  8. Video Games
  9. Cable TV
  10. Watches / Clocks