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Cloud Operation is a process where there is operation and work of cloud infrastructure while providing efficient cloud services. The operation supported by Management which ensures that all processes and services are handled properly and the cloud works efficiently. The main focus is to ensure that the operations are working efficiently and meets the quality of service and requirements. The main objective here is customer satisfaction with the help of dental hardware and software together with the network infrastructure that provides an efficient cloud environment.

The objective of cloud operations

The following objectives can collect with the help of cloud operations:

  • An efficient service and capacity that will ensure that proper location management is carried out.
  • It also helps to reach service level agreements.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the data and ensure it.
  • It benefits the customer as it provides better services and infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Calculate the storage used by customers and charges according to their use.
  • It also provides the benefit by ensuring that there is an adequate backup and recovery if a disaster occurs

Cloud operations management

Security actions must be taken at the right time and the customer must charge accordingly.

  • There must be a proper use of the tools to manage the cloud and resources will have to perform any function in the cloud.
  • In Cloud operation management, the selection of resources must be adequate
  • With the help of adequate tools and resources, there will be no waste of effort and redundancy.
  • The quality of the service must be good since it will save costs and efforts.
  • For the task that repeats the process, it must be standardized and automated.
  • The customer and the service provider are equally responsible for managing the operation in the cloud since the cloud operation management implies every step of the daily process in the cloud environment.
  • To protect and manage the cloud operation, there are several approaches, but the basic practice is the same. The Cloud operation also consists of analyzes that are used to maximize the visibility of the cloud environment. This helps to run the services safely and minimizes the cost.

Benefits of cloud computing operations

The following are the advantages of cloud operations:

  • With the help of cloud computing operations, the management of the technical structure is simplified and the use of expensive and complex hardware is eliminated.
  • Cloud computing minimizes the risk of interference while maximizing efficiency.
  • It is easy to use and flexible, which provides high speed and quality to the user who expects.
  • Cloud computing operations reduce the cost by providing adequate infrastructure maintenance and providing additional benefits to customers.
  • It also eliminates the cost of providing cloud services and, therefore, saves money.
  • There are several tools that are used to optimize the capacity utilization and the horizontal and vertical scaling capacity of the application.
  • It is scalable, which will help increase computing power based on customer requirements to make it economical for the customer.

Changes in the roles of the cloud operation

Most of the number of companies invest in information and communication technology, which leads to the fact that only a few amounts of their funds are used in development. The main reason behind this is skill-less operation and driving automation. In the cloud operations manager, a person builds and operates the infrastructure. Therefore, this eliminates the requirement of an infrastructure operations manager. The rules of the infrastructure operations manager are transferred to the center’s operations manager and operations administrator.


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It may indicate that cloud operations are one of the important aspects for better cloud functionality. Cloud Operations also improves the stability of the operation along with greater efficiency. Here applications continue to evolve on evolving platforms. With the help of cloud operations, the cloud can create better services one after another.