Mobile-Friendly Website: Ultimate How-To Guide for 2021

Smart people’s smart choice is Smartphone. Almost 80% Internet users own a Smartphone these days. This makes to almost millions of people browsing the web, trying to find the information they want. No individual will buy the product or try any service without checking the reviews online. So, when you need to satisfy potential customers, every company must make sure that their website in easy to navigate on mobile devices as well.

But, just because the website can be navigated on a mobile device doesn’t really mean that it is mobile-friendly. So, how to create a website that is actually mobile-friendly?

Well, here are some valuable tips that will help you create a mobile-friendly website in a few easy steps.

Let your Thumb Think

For a great mobile-friendly website, think with your thumb or index finger. Be sure that the website is totally navigable with one thumb. This is perhaps one of the best mobile-friendly website tips that will help you create a website that is completely mobile-friendly. Also, the screen should show the perfect size of the fonts and there should be no need of zooming as you enter the website.

Use Design that is Responsive

When you design your website in responsive design, it is easy to view them on different devices. This makes the website look good, and reduces the workload of the website developers. The responsive design comes with flexible images, flexible layouts, and even cascading style sheet media queries. Not only this, the website will even look perfect in size on all the devices and orientation will change the layout according to the devices. Web Designing Course in Chandigarh is designed to help professional make standout website designs. So, joining a reputed web designing institute will give you a competitive edge over others. 

Simple Content Works!

Don’t go for too funky content when it comes to writing the content on the website. It is whimsically essential to keep it very short and simple to make it look good when uploaded. The visitors love to read the simple and sweet language and not just something, that is not even understandable to them. So, when it comes to writing for the website, don’t go for those heavy words, just go easy on text and let your visitors stick to the screen when they enter your website.

No Use of pop-ups

No one wishes to visit such a website that shows up those irritating pop-ups all the time. Even refreshes need to be avoided when creating a mobile-friendly website. Mobile is a small device, where the size of the fonts matters a lot. See those top websites designs and you will see a neat and organized website that looks enticing. So, take inspiration from them and avoid using pop-ups while creating a website, as this can irritate the viewers and probably they won’t come back again, ever.

In this digital era, creating a mobile-friendly website with ease is no longer in the realms of fantasy. With a prominent web designing course, professionals can get armed with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a website with simple steps. So, why not follow these valuable tips and move ahead to creating a website that attracts customers.